The Saint Lawrence River estuary holds twenty percent of the world’s freshwater, making so many of us, one with this natural wonder. 

Join us as we journey up this majestic waterway in ‘We Are The Saint Lawrence River’ and learn how changing our behaviors will make a 100% difference to the future of the river and the communities and wildlife that depend on it. 

You protect what you love. This film was created to make us all fall in love with the Saint Lawrence River. To foster a respect and protection of it through wonder and awe, and to not only regard it as an industrial seaway in jeopardy. What do lyrical herons, whales, wildlife, and marine kidneys working overtime have to tell us? The answers are found in this documentary with exclusive, up close and personal interviews with world renowned scientists, conservationists, First Nations and locals that share their wisdom of the river with us. 

Travel from Montreal to Gaspésie with Age of Union and the Nature Conservancy of Canada, who have partnered up to protect the intricate and essential ecosystems of the Saint LawrenceRiver, with critical restoration work begun along its iconic shorelines and waterways.