A letter from Dax

When I embarked on the journey of writing Age of Union: Igniting the Changemaker, it was important for me to inspire people to reach their full potential by sparking the flame within. I believe that the more there are initiators of change who shine with their full capability, the better the world will be. My book always had the goal to inspire people to become changemakers. Today, more than ever — with the reflections this past year has brought — we can all be a part of the transition to a more unified future.

2020 has accelerated some of the changes we have been seeing in our world. We are not taking enough time to be connected with nature and ourselves. We need to slow down. We have seen that if we leave space for nature, it is at our door. It feels good to stop and prioritize what is really important in our lives.

As a new year is coming, we can take the opportunity to make new decisions. Our world is being rewired at an incredible speed. As long as you are guided by positive intention and take action, you can have faith in your ability to make a meaningful impact.

We launched the book in 2019, and this April we debuted the free eBook and Audiobook. Age of Union speaks about “action”. With this notion, we had the pleasure of profiling some inspiring changemakers, such as Paul Rosolie and Kerry Bowman, who are protecting wildlife and acting for the movement of change that the world needs urgently at this time. Next year, we will launch something special that will bolster changemakers globally. We look forward to growing our community of concerned citizens of the planet, and we thank you for your support. We have received many positive messages from everywhere in the world, from South Asia to Brazil. It is inspiring to see that no matter the geographical location, we are all connected by the desire to ignite change from within.